Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ton Up!

This marks the 100th post on this blog, hoo-rah...

In an ideal world I would have marked such a momentus occasion with something a thrilling write-up of a trip out birding.....or maybe a few nice images that I've been saving for such an occasion.....too bad forward planning isn't a strong point of mine eh?

Anyway what you do get are a few images taken today whilst volunteering at Dimminsdale NR, another one of the LRWT reserves that tries its very hardest to be as far away from Leicester as possible whilst still being in the county, close to the banks of Staunton Harold reservoir.

Todays task involved the never ending task of thistle removal from one of the meadows, (or as I like to think of it, targeted plant genocide) with the overrall aim of creating some nutrient-poor acidic grassland which is one of the scarcer NVC communities found in Britain.

Staunton Harold reservoir

Predator + Prey

Foreground - finished product, acidic grassland.
Background - work in progress (thistle territory)

More finished product

Old limestone quarry, now much easier on the eye

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