Friday, 15 February 2013

Technical difficulties

For some reason blogger isn't letting me upload any images at the minute, which is annoying. Might just be this laptop though, which is showing signs of immediate failure. Which is a shame, as I'd intended to wow you with some photo's from my caravan bird table. Some months ago now I attached a flat-top to two fenceposts that were loitering with intent just outside the caravan window and with the addition of four bits of wood around the outside I had fashioned myself a feeding table with minimal effort, I was well pleased. Except my early efforts of luring birds onto it failed miserably. For some reason the birds weren't attracted to reduced pitta breads, stale doritos (cool flavour) and mouldy sandwiches so a change of plan was needed. Actual bird seed was placed on the table with alarming results! Birds have been literally flocking to it, especially in recent weeks with the harsh weather. The table list now has 21 species on it! Its a combined list with most staff members keeping an eye on it throughout the day with the only rule being that the bird has to be on the table, not under it. As a result not all species have been seen by me (most notably Redpoll and Marsh tit) but I have seen such goodies as Reed Bunting (multiple), Coal Tit, Sparrohawk (caught a Dunnock), a cracking but unfortunately ill-looking Brambling, up to 3 Jay at once when the snow was at its thickest and most recently a Nuthatch - a surprisingly scarce species at Rutland. Well, I suppose that's all for now as I do enjoy the addition of photographs to help jazz the blog up a bit, I'll endeavour to sort the problem soon.