Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cribbs Meadow

Today's volunteering task was at Cribbs Meadow, yet again another reserve that tries very hard to not be in Leicestershire, the nearest village (South Witham) is in Lincolnshire!

The task today centred around the removal of Ragwort from both meadows on site and was a nice break from removing thistles, at least we're not just focusing on one species, was beginning to feel a bit hate crime-ish with the poor Creeping Thistles!

Cribbs Meadow itself was absolutely filled with these:

Common Spotted Orchid
And the area around the railway embankment with its inviting piles of logs were also home to plenty of Common Lizard despite the area being rather damp underfoot;

Common Lizard

Common Lizard - the stuff in the background is water

3/4 Common Lizard
In other news Leicestershire was battered by some extreme weather today - apocolyptic rain and hailstones etc and we were rather lucky that most of the weather just missed our work party but two minutes after leaving the site this afternoon the rain became so heavy I had to pull over because I couldnt see where I was going! Cue flooded roads, uprooted trees and all other sorts of mischief on the way back. Funsies.

Epic Sky at Cribbs Meadow


  1. Great stuff! I particularly like the first and third images. Not seen a lizard yet this year!

  2. Thanks Richard! If only the light had been better!

  3. Nice shots of the Lizards Andy!