Saturday, 23 June 2012

Bit of a lull....

Look at the general paucity of news for Leicestershire this week, pretty much sums up the lack of anything decent to go and look at:

Slim pickings, especially as I reported the Turtle Dove! So that leaves 11 Crossbills as the only thing noteworthy, and they were a flyover!
The weather has been pretty terrible recently too so I've not even been inclined to go out Owling....although Paul has clearly had some success recently so maybe I should get out anyway and try and bag an image of a juvenile.
....Maybe tomorrow.

Many birders at this time of year switch over to molesting butterflies, orchids and suchlike and I'm beginning to see why! Now, if only I knew about something other than birds! To be fair my freshwater fish knowledge is pretty good, but the prospect of cleaning/sorting out my neglected fishing equipment is a step too far, it'll take ages. I'll have to stick to whinging about birds I think, only 3 and a bit months until October!


  1. Yes, that's June in Leicestershire for you. And normally I would be molesting other forms of wildlife, but the weather this year has curtailed even that.

  2. Or you could go to Europe in June and see lovely birds like Roller, Bee-eaters,Collared Pratincoles, etc,etc...