Friday, 15 June 2012

Can't beat a bit of bully

As there was a bit of sunshine knocking around this morning I decided to bodge a hide together near the feeders in the garden in the hope of getting some shots of the regular Bullfinch.
The hide itself is a ramshackle piece of equipment consisting of one garden table raised up on three garden chairs, two bedsheets draped over the top, spyholes cut for camera (on tripod) and general surveilance and finally, one hooded birder sat underneath the lot, sniggering.


It worked quite well to be honest, hadn't been out there that long when four Bullfinch (three males) turned up and fed quite happily just a few feet away, allowing for a few nice shots, especially of the female who was very content to feed on the fallen seed under the feeders and provide a few nice full-framers without the feeders etc ruining the naturalness of the image;

A relatively violent shower has just caused a retreat to review my images, write this blog post and eat a bacon sandwich but if it brightens up I'll give it another stab and see if I can nail a flight shot or of two males squabbling (they do that alot!).


  1. And I thought that I was lucky with my one visiting Bullfinch! Cracking images, particularly those of the female. Interesting colour in the eye on that last image - purple bedsheets?

  2. Thanks Richard we are blessed with an abundance of them here, at least a pair several times throughout the day at the minute
    Actually no, the bedsheets in question were blue and white! I'll upload a picture of the construction to this post shortly so you can see it yourself in all its glory! I hadnt noticed the purple sheen in the eye before though, thanks for pointing it out!