Sunday, 29 September 2013


As alluded to in my previous post I've just returned from a short trip up to Spurn point.
Travelling up on Thursday evening meant we could get a early start on Friday morning and we weren't to be disappointed with Spurn's first Firecrest of the autumn trapped just as we arrived - although it was in-the-hand it was a good start to see one so close!

The undoubted bird of the trip for me was my first Red-breasted Flycatcher - found the previous day around post 52 it was kind enough to linger throughout Friday and provided good views

Whilst the point wasn't absolutely dripping with migrants with a bit of effort decent birds could be winkled out and over the two days we saw;

Whinchat (several)
Wheatear (several)
Lesser Whitethroat
Brambling (x2)
Another Firecrest
Redwing (about a dozen)
Spotted Flycatcher - plus another unidentified Flycatcher at the Southern Tip of the point
Brent Geese
Pink-footed Geese

Plus a nice selection of waders on the flats, 3 Skuas (possibly Arctics) and a couple of distant Divers moving offshore along with excellent views of Common Scoter (my normal views of Scoter are of distant specks!).

You will not help but notice that Yellow-browed Warbler was not on the list! I do believe we were the only two birders on the east coast not to have seen one but I'm really not too fussed - ones bound to turn up in Leics & Rutland soon......else I may well take my own life.



We also stopped off at Blacktoft Sands Rspb on the way back yesterday to hopefully score on the Pectoral Sandpiper that had been present for a few days. And score we did which was nice as views were excellent compared to the distant speck that was the county-ticked Pec at Rutland earlier this month! On the subject of distant speck-like county ticks, Buff-breasted Sandpiper was also added in similar circumstances!

Well I never...

A blog post!

Hello all!
It was my birthday over the weekend and as a special birthday treat the hooded birder and his hooded girlfriend went to Spurn for a couple of days which coincided nicely with some easterlies and a humungous movement of Yellow-browed Warblers - things were looking good(ish) from the outset.


Before I tell you all about Spurn I'd better catch up with stuff that pre-dates the Spurn trip - as you're probably aware this is the first post in months and If I don't catch up now I never will!


Cast your minds back a few months to the glorious summer we had.... the Hooded Birder couldn't help but notice that there was lots of stuff flying around that wasn't birds - namely Butterflies and Dragonflies. The Hooded Birder quickly realised his I.D skills in relation to these taxa were not up to scratch so that became the focus of the summer. It was also realised that the Hooded Birder knows nothing about moths either. But that can wait until next year....

Small Tortoiseshell


Red Admiral


Meadow Brown

Common Blue

And again

Chalkhill Blue - Bloody Oaks Quarry Lrwt

Chalkhill Blue - Bloody Oaks Quarry Lrwt

poor shot of a Silver-studded Blue - Arne Rspb

Small Copper - Burrough-on-the-Hill
Grizzled Skipper  - Ketton Quarry Lrwt
Dingy Skipper - Ketton Quarry Lrwt

Lulworth Skipper - Lulworth Cove

Lulworth Skipper (+beastie) - Lulworth Cove

Green Hairstreak - Dovedale

Marbled White - Lulworth Cove

Terrible shot of a Grayling - Arne Rspb

Silver-washed Fritillary (it landed on my foot!) - Fermyn Woods.
(Thanks Mr Llama)

White Admiral - Fermyn Woods
Broad-bodied Chaser - Pickwell

Broad-bodied Chaser - Pickwell

Broad-bodied Chaser - Pickwell

Broad-bodied Chaser - Pickwell

Four-spotted Chaser - Rutland Water

Migrant Hawker - Studland Heath

Southern Hawker - Studland Heath

Keeled Skimmer - Arne Rspb

Banded Demoiselle - Knettishall Heath
If I've made any I.D gaffes let me know...otherwise brace yourself for a summary of my recent trip to Spurn!

Edit: Sticking with the things-that-aren't-birds theme, I also finally county-ticked Adder earlier this year at Ketton, and very nice it was too.