Monday, 30 April 2012

A turn for the worse....

The Leicestershire drought conditions have taken a big turn for the worse since my last blog post (well, in the eyes of the Environment Agency's PR department at least) with the Soar at Jubilee having well and truly burst its banks. A quick trip to Jubilee an hour ago to ease the pain of revising palynology discovered this fact with the patch well and truly underwater. I went round to Clarence road in the end to see if anything had dropped into the flooded meadows near the packhorse bridge but there wasn't much about (its because I brought the camera out today of course).

View from Jubilee carpark

View from roadbridge looking at Jubilee


Looking towards Narborough Bog

After all this flood related excitement I thought I'd go and see if any Wheatear were still lingering at Grove Park. I did wonder whether the brighter weather today might have cleared them out but they were still present in force. At least ten were confirmed (8 males) but I suspect the true total might have been a touch higher than that.

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