Friday, 4 May 2012

tomorrow perhaps...

I shall go and try to see the Savi's tomorrow I reckon. Two exams today with a three hour supervised period inbetween - dulltastic. And it is perhaps for this reason that I can't be bothered to leg it over to Rutland, despite the fact that this bad boy is a potential full life tick - the best sort of tick, especially when it sneaks onto your county list in the process!
So here, have an owl that I found on the way home today. As you may surmise this is the famed "hooded birders current header image bird" located on its favoured haystack, not quite as good a photo today though im afraid, better than nothing though and it soothes my "what if the savi gets murdered by otters overnight?" urges


  1. Always nice to see a Little Owl. This one of yours looks as if he's tucked himself away out of the wind. Nice one!

    Hope you get the Savi but, from what I can gather, it looks as if you might have missed it.

  2. Yes as a fellow owl enthusiast it is always nice to see any owl!

    I thought I'd missed my chance too but it seems to be there still, just alot less showy than it was on friday, I did plan to go this morning but im crap at waking up at the crack of dawn and so that failed! tomorrow perhaps....again!