Friday, 13 April 2012

The anxious wait...

Was exactly what I had to contend with this afternoon when news broke of the Black winged Stilt at Rutland. It would have not only been a big, fat, county tick; it was a bigger, fatter, UK tick! I've seen the little devils before in France on roadside salt pans but never one before in good old blighty so I was rather eager to see this one. But because Amy was here and because her train back to Sheffield wasn't until 4pm I had to sit around getting increasingly rage-filled at the prospect of missing it!

I needn't have worried, Amy was dropped off at Leicester station promptly at 3.40pm and then I drove like a complete arse calmly and sedately over to Rutland where long legs was quick to show once Dunlin hide was entered. Isn't it nice when things go to plan!?

Cue terrible photographs - scope views were generally excellent and it afforded one beautifully close fly-past, the tart.


  1. It looks like it's levitating in your second photo! Cracking bird though. And now it's gone...

  2. So it does! Yea, it was a real beauty, my images don't do it another 20 years to wait until the next one!