Friday, 27 April 2012


As I'm currently being murdered by work birding trips have had to take a back seat recently.....well I say that, its more like im restricting myself to not travel very far or spend a huge amount of time birding at the minute. Still, I've managed to nip down to the patch for an hour for the last two days running - if I keep this up I'll qualify as one of those dedicated patch worker types....can't have that. Either way, a quick timing of the journey down to patch today concludes it takes about 90secs to get there, it would be rude not to really! The canon was not bothered with for either sortie as im working with a new tactic of not taking the SLR in the hope that murphys/sods law will strike and produce something rare - it always happens when you're not prepared! So this is why all photo's in today's post are of the phonescoped/crap variety.

Anyway as for birds

A single Oystercatcher was on the pool yesterday and I heard it a couple times today but couldn't see it anywhere, it was probably on one of the other pools that you can't see from Jubilee:

One of (im assuming) the Common Sandpiper from the other week was also pottering around the pool today but I didn't see it yesterday:

Another Little Egret (or more likely the same recurring bird) was on the pool too today before pretending to be a Cattle Egret for a while:

And this Swallow was the first I've actually seen this year that wasn't flying!

And then, best of all, as I was walking back towards the car-park this afternoon wondering why a Blackbird was making a most un-blackbirdish noise at the top of a tree, a shout behind me from a couple of birders I had been chatting to a few minutes previously alerted me to a lovely Peregrine flying over! Patch tick!

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