Wednesday, 11 April 2012


As the post title suggests things have happened for the second time today.

Firstly (or should it be secondly!?), I saw my second patch Little Egret at Jubilee yesterday but I won't bore you with an image of it as all attempted shots were truly aweful. Nothing much else about apart from the lingering Oystercatcher, no patch hirundines or warblers besides chiff yet....

Never fear though, keen reader, as I do have a shoddy image to share with you below taken today at one of Pauls Little Owl sites out in the Desford(ish) region...sorry about the vague locations but one can never be too careful in the breeding season! Anyway, this was actually my first sighting/image at this site after a few fruitless searches but it was more importantly my second chance to photograph two owls together!
This was never going to go well though - the owl tree in question is an old Horse Chesnut smack bang in the middle of a grassed field and although there is a footpath that runs close to the tree, any attempts to approach the site on foot would surely be met by the owls quickly "doing a bunk". So I had to make do with distant shots from the car and thus the results weren't great.

Nevermind, still looks a likely breeding site for this year!

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