Monday, 16 January 2012

An unexpected sequence of events

Made some time this afternoon for a visit to see the Owls and did my usual trick of parking next to the "main" field, realising there were no owls showing, not wanting to stand with the horde of photographers and so went for a walk around the rest of the complex. The Short eared Owls weren't exactly playing ball today - for the most part they were keeping down tucked away in the grass but a walk up the hill on the far side of the complex produced between four and five Owls, one of which perched relatively close and allowed the best images of the day to be obtained.

It was only when I got home and reviewed some of the other images I'd taken today that I realised that I had captured a sequence of events I'd heard about previously but never witnessed before - a Kestrel stealing prey from an Owl! The Owl in the following images is actually the same bird as the one in the above photo's so I can't help feeling sorry for it as it posed so nicely for me!

Sorry about the extreme croppage but the prey item can just be made out in the Owl's talons (click for bigger)


"i'll be having that"
Cheeky bugger!

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