Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Gullfest at Jubilee Park

As the title of this post suggests, I went to Jubilee today and saw some gulls. Normally there are gulls of one species (Black Headed) but today yielded four! The ever present Black Headed Gulls were joined by a few Common Gulls, two Herring Gulls and a Lesser Black Backed Gull that I originally incorrectly identified as Yellow Legged (oh, the shame) but after being pointed in the right direction by the Llama is definately a LBB (patch tick all the same!).

Dont know which fool thought this was yellow legged....that would be me.

The Wigeon numbers have exploded too, up from 7 last time to a whopping 60 today. The hoped for Goosander were absent from the pool however, perhaps because the levels are so low. As I was scanning the pool a familiar sound reached my ears for the first time in ages here - Kingfishers calling! Two birds quickly stormed past, chasing each other but didn't linger for photographs, it was nice enough to see them back here after the recent harsh winters. A few other decent patch birds showed around the park including Sparrowhawk, Green Woodpecker, Grey Wagtail and Coal Tit but otherwise there wasn't much about except for a dog that was the size of a small, actually make that a large, horse.

these twig-in-the-way shots are really starting to harsh my mellow

no twigs but terrible light.


  1. Look who's getting some nice images just lately, beats using the phone mate. But hold on, are you comfortable with your shots never again being seen in the how to create "dots in the distance" manual!

  2. Cheers Paul, still can't resist whacking out the phone every now and again though for old times sake - my particularly bad recent photo of two Scaup is phonescoped!