Monday, 2 January 2012


Went out with the intention of trying to photograph stuff that were not Short eared Owls today as it was glorius and sunny but things didn't quite go to plan.
Firstly I went and checked a few Little Owl sites but couldnt find a single bird, let alone photgraph one but at least this Kestrel provided something to point the camera at:

After this initial failure I headed over to Ravensthorpe reservoir on the hunt for a Smew. Unusrprisingly with the water levels being so low on the small side no Smews were seen either. Smews

And so, inevitably even, I ended up at Maidwell. No birds were showing upon arrival in the "main" field and so I embarked on a full scale trek around the whole complex to help get away from the crowds. Decent if a bit distant views of 4 or 5 owls were rewards for the trek. Plus by the time I'd wandered back towards the car the owls were up over the main viewing field. Win.

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