Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lincolnshire. Innit.

Every year around the time of mother dearest's Birthday the pair of us take a day out and go for a jolly birdwatching somewhere different - e.g. not Rutland Water! Today we headed to Lincolnshire, the home of Skegvegas and where potatoes are known as "tates".

To be precise we went to the two F's - Frampton Marsh and Freiston Shore. Frampton Marsh was the first port of call and although it let me down by having precisely zero Pratincoles the reserve itself looked very good, the hides were modern and the staff in the visitors centre were most helpful in telling us what was around. Unfortunately the Spoonbill appeared to have done a runner but spirits were lifted by such things as two Bewicks Swans, a few Whitefronted Geese, single Barnacle Goose and heaps of Brent Geese.  Most of the expected waders and wildfowl were present also so I wont bore you with a long list of common species so instead look at the images:



Brent Geese anyone?

Close flyover
Ah, the posting of the flyover image reminds me of an amusing anecdote from today which I shall now share with you lucky, lucky people. It was during one of these close flyovers from a group of geese that I felt a large drop of liquid hit me just above my left eye. I was sure I had been shat on as there wasn't a cloud in the sky but luckily I hadn't - all I can think of is that a water droplet fell off one of the geese and smashed me in the face. At least it wasn't a poo.

So after a spot of luncheon we headed onto Freiston shore where a walk down to where the sea defences have been intentionally breached produced a trio of raptors (Peregrine, Marsh Harrier and Merlin) and helped nail a few waders for the day list that had been hiding until this point (Grey Plover, Turnstone, Oystercatcher). Infact, the only downside of the place was the injured Pink footed Goose that was lingering close to the car park in the hope of bread based nourishment:


  1. Mmmmmmm, that pink foot would have made an easy capture, bet they taste great with a pile of chips!

  2. Goose and chips!!? Roast taters all the way!