Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Odds n ends

Just a few bits to catch-up with today;

Yesterday when it was nice and sunny I managed to get a couple of images of the Smooth Newt tadpoles in the garden pond. It had been obvious for a number of years that we had a healthy breeding population of newts in the pond but this is the first year I've managed to see any of their offspring. Maybe I wasn't looking properly before but there are certainly plenty present at the minute!

Sticking with the garden theme the Bullfinch are still present in force, with at least 10 individuals being seen each week. The juveniles are starting to moult into their adult plumage which again, is something I've never noticed before. I need to start paying more attention I think!
Sorry about the shoddy image but it was dull and rainy at the time... I shall have to get the hide up soon and go for a better one.

Finally, this evening turned out to be really quite nice after the rainy, turd of a day we'd had here in Leicestershire so I headed out, first to Frolesworth on the hunt for any of the Pied-Fly/Whinchat/Redstart that had been seen in the area recently but it was very quiet in the end and almost nothing was seen, perhaps I'd left it too late in the day. The light was rapidly disappearing by the time I rolled up at the Little Owl site from the previous post but the two juveniles from last time were quickly located close to the nest tree and a few images were rattled off (the last two with the aid of a hearty flash and redeye reduction afterwards on the editing software!);