Friday, 31 August 2012

Hooded Birder: non stop tick machine

I was sorely tempted this morning by the news of a Honey Buzzard near to Eyebrook Reservoir but didn't rush off for it as I reasoned it would be long gone by the time I got there. An hour later however, when news broke of a juvenile Red-necked Phalarope at Rutland Water I wasn't going to be dissauded and quickly jumped into the motor and headed over!

An hour-and-a-bit later I was safely parked in Shoveler hide feasting my eyes on my third lifer in a week! This was an especially sought-after tick as I'd somehow missed the last one at Rutland (despite being on the reserve that day) and as I needed it to complete my trio of Phalaropes seen in this country, just need a Wilsons to turn up in Leicestershire now and then I'll have all three within the county too. Interestingly, the bird from Frampton Marsh (I very nearly twitched that yesterday) seems to have disappeared overnight, indicating to me that this is the same bird!

**Edit: Frampton Marsh's bird has been seen today (Saturday) as has the one at Rutland so it's definitely a different bird!

Unfortunately during the time I was observing the bird it was favouring an area of floating weed at a pretty extreme range for any of my photography equipment so we're firmly in "worlds worst rarity photograph" territory im afraid. That being said, scope views were excellent and I went away happy once the bird disappeared during a fag-break at about 2.30pm. Besides the Phalarope a few Dunlin and Ringed Plover were on Lagoon 4 and I saw a family party (5-6 individuals) of Stoats on the way back to the car. Very nice.