Saturday, 21 July 2012

Martin Mere

Today a visit to see the sister in Manchester was combined with a visit to Martin Mere WWT - we pay 42 sniffs for two memberships each year so we try to get our moneys worth which isn't actually that hard, an adult admission costs over a tenner now...

It ended up being a reasonably pleasant walk as the sun was out, and I got a bit trigger happy with the camera whilst we wandered around the collection and ended up with something like 500 images, here's a selection;

The ever-present species in every enclosure - the Moorhen


This is what a Pink-foot looks like when its about to do a shit

Bewicks Swan

Ruddy Shelduck

Common Crane - I wish I'd got as good views when I life-ticked them in the wild a couple of months ago, but despite this, somehow watching two from about three miles away across the Nene Washes was much more satisfying.

Although being able to do this was admittedly quite satisfying!

Smew - always a favourite

Cape Barren Goose complete with day-glo beak

Black-crowned Crane

Ducklings of some description - you can play "guess the species" in the comment box if you like, but be warned - I dont know the answer.

Hooded Merganser

Mandarin, too bad all the fella's were in eclipse plumage

Chiloe Wigeon

And again


Ringed Teal - love these chaps

Crested Screamer

Nene (or Hawaiian) Goose


Bet this would make a nice pillow...

And this wasn't strictly part of the collection (nor was the Moorhen at the start if im being picky), but it was being a bit of a tart so it's photo got taken
After the stroll around the collection we went and had a look at some proper birds on the reserve, taking the walk down to the Ron Barker Hide rather than the more lengthy trip to look at some Hide Porn.
Rewards for the stroll included a few Avocet and a healthy amount of Black-tailed Godwits which were largely still in summerish plumage, along with a few Tree Sparrow. I would treat you to a shocking phonescoped image of said Godwits but I can't find the cable thingy that attaches phone to computer. You're not missing much.

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  1. Despite the large collection, the ducklings look like Mallard to me!