Thursday, 5 July 2012

Another week...

Has passed by rather quickly, and as it turns out, all that was needed to fix the lack of local birds was the change in month from June to July. As soon as the calender switched over it was like a magic button had been pressed - goodies such Spoonbill, Wood Sandpiper and a trickle of Green Sandpipers turn up at Rutland. Of course I haven't been to see any of them, but its nice to know that I could if I wished.

What I have been doing is another week (well, three days if I'm being particular) volunteering with the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust

Tuesday was at Great Merrible where the task was path and ride clearance. Birdlife noted included a couple of Red Kite over and the usual woodland suspects including a noisy juvenile Great spotted Woodpecker.

Wednesday was spent at the rain-lashed Charnwood Lodge where besides getting wet, several small patches of Bracken were cleared by hand. A more wholesale technique involving slashing is usually employed on Bracken but as a few bird-nests (mainly Linnet) had been found by a work party a few days previously this gentler method was employed and the thicker patches stayed-away from to minimize nest disturbance

Can't remember whether this particular set of clouds rained on us....probably

Which brings me to today - note that the weather was good today which prompted the camera to be brought out and thus a few more images! The destination was Merry's Meadow for a Thistle removal binge, again bloody miles away but well worth the drive.

Standard shot of the interpretive board

The killing fields
Six-spot Burnet Moth

Yellowhammer - this chap sang from the same perch for most of the day, a lovely sound to work to.

And as we were packing away apparantly the only Vulcan Bomber left in existance was cocking about over nearby RAF Cottesmore

And this evening after me and Amy had been for a "The Hooded Birder has just received a Upper Second Class Degree" Steak at the Holly Bush in Ashby Parva a couple of dodgy Little Owl shots were obtained on the drive home.

And I did claim I would produce a better image of a juvenile Bullfinch so here we are, taken yesterday!

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