Thursday, 12 July 2012

Birthday! And some lizards....

This blog is exactly one year old today and I'll be the first to say that I never thought it would keep going this long - as with many passing phases I thought I'd get bored with it and sack it off after a while but I've persevered and am glad I did.
In other news Hooded Birder has now got a job, but it doesnt start until September so there's no point blathering on about it until I actually start. One thing though - it's at Rutland and should be rather enjoyable!

Anyway, today found me and the midweek LRWT team back at Cribbs Meadow for another session on the Ragwort and Meadowsweet which allowed for another chance to photograph the Common Lizard on site. Today was a much better day for photography as it was much sunnier and this also had the dual benefit of being better weather conditions for reptile activity compared to the last visit (considering the last visit was a fortnight ago on the day of insane weather, this isn't surprising). As a result, I saw more lizards than last time and the images, I'm sure you'll agree, are also an improvement on previous efforts;

And finally, remember this fellow from a previous blog post (see a fortnight ago!) that had lost half of his tail?

Well, I managed to re-find him again today in the same spot and he looks happy as can be...

Plus, his tail is growing back!


  1. Congratulations on your first year and on finding a job - the latter is no mean feat these days!

    Love your lizard images. I've not yet seen one this year. Must get out more!

  2. I'll second that, and it's good to hear we won't be losing you from the county just yet!

  3. Thanks gents, im pleased with the job too, especially as it gives me the chance to improve my Leics list!

    And I'm fairly sure I'm only getting out a bit more at the minute because im volunteering on trust sites 3 days a week and get the outdoors thrust upon myself! You can be assured that on the other 4 days a week very little "getting out" occurs!

  4. Nice one Hoodie, looking forward to another year of interesting reading!