Sunday, 14 August 2011

Garden birdage

After all that ranty wordness from earlier a shorter, easier on the eye post is the order of the day.

So... a few photo's of birds from the garden taken this summer will suffice.

Theres alot of Bullies around at the moment (up to 4 of each sex at a time). Like this male
And this female
And this terrible image of a Juvenile
There is generally loads of young stuff around at the moment with around 12 juv House Sparrows (pleasing) and around 6 Greenfinch being regular highlights. More occasional juv's seen at the minute include a couple of coal tits and a dunnock that is somehow surviving the gauntlet of feline attackers and being seen most days.

Yes this isnt a dunnock but it is the only Goldfinch ever that i've seen on our nut feeder!

Here are a couple of adults showing how its done

The undoubted prize for fledgling of the year goes to this beauty though;

This fellow has been visiting for around three weeks now and is absolutely hilarious, the most unco-ordinated woodpecker i've ever seen! He/She also likes to sit atop the bird feeders for minutes at a time just looking around like a chuffing parrot!

Other goodies seen in the garden include this young lady from last winter
Apologies but it was a dark day with a shit camera

and my first ever one of these that appeared whilst I was sat at the dining room table, eating a sandwich. I nearly fell off the chair!
Unfortunately this particular bird only lingered for around 30 seconds and as I spent most of that time faffing around trying to take the above crappograph I was left unsatisfied.
Fortunately about a week later whilst I was taking the girlfriend to the train station a flock of 20 starling sized chaps flew right over the car about 100 yards from my house and when I later investigated they were confirmed as Waxwings! This group lingered down the road from my house for over a month and peaked at about 100 birds. They were so close to the house I could wander to the end of my drive, peer down the road to see if they were sat in their favoured tree and then walk down if they were present! Here's the best photo I achieved of them.

Action shot. Oh yes

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