Thursday, 25 August 2011

25th August. Welford reservoir

On the way to drop Amy back off at home in Northampton we stopped to walk off lunch around Welford reservoir which for those who don't know is located just North of the village of Welford (gasp), on the Leicestershire/Northamptonshire border. Welford can be a cracking little site during passage times and as it can be walked around completely in well under an hour it is often a perfect stopover during the many trips I do between Leicester and Northants. Today was a pretty standard day but a patch tick Kingfisher was nice. Very nice. Other goodies included a single Common Sandpiper, two Spotted Flycatcher and witnessing a 20lb Mirror Carp being landed. Double nice. Strong suspicions were also achieved of a GSWoodpecker nest that has almost certainly raised two broods this year.

Later I took the scenic route home through the South Leicestershire countryside on the hunt for Little Owl but unfortunately no birds were seen. I've developed a bit of a passion for owling this year and try to get out at least twice a week at twilight to try for sightings. None today though. Boo. Todays tactic of roaming around on the hunt for new owls rather than going to sites im already aware of clearly went tits up and should not be repeated again! If i've got time tommorrow i'll post some of my owl images that will surely have The Riddler crying for mercy and handing over his camera (and enormous list of owl sites) in recognition of how amazing I am. But for now i'll leave you with an incident that happened earlier.

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