Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Rant oclock

 And now for a small rant....Hoodies.........seriously why don't more people wear them whilst out birding?? I'm answering my own question here by suggesting that hooded apparell simply wasn't available for the older generations and as humans are creatures of habit most people simply never bought one and discovered that they're fucking ace. Now without being a dirty ageist, most birders do seem to fit into the 40-dead category and just today a man called Paul or Phil who I got chatting to at Eyebrook commented how refreshing it was to see a younger face. I must also admit myself that I very rarely see birders of a similar or younger age to me who have not clearly been dragged out by relatives and are red faced with embarrassment and shame . I often wonder whether in 50 years it'll just be me and a few other die hards who have even the faintest idea about what a Zitting Cisticola is, and instead of being genially asked whilst out birding, "seen much today mate" it'll be, "are you a paedo? im going to nick your telescope". Okay, I've just realised I went massively off topic...back to hoodies. Seriously, hoodies are well good. Its just like a jumper with a hood on it. Only better. It also has a pouch. The pouch is where the winnings be had. Tire of carrying your notebook, glasses, binoculars, sandwiches, baby kangaroo, field guide, thermos by hand, in coat pockets or even *shudders*  a rucksack?? Never fear, stick it in your pouch! Okay if you bend down to tie an errant shoelace your Zeiss bins may tumble out in an expensive fashion but its a risk everyone should glady take. Its my opinion that hoodies have eliminated the coat from British usefullness. "What if its cold?", I hear you shout. Wear two. "what if its absolutely throwing it down with rain?". Wear two, stop being a nancy and go out anyway. Similarly going to eyebrook works well too as you can just drive around and birdwatch without ever leaving your car. Just park the drivers side on the lee side of any rain and you'll be absolutely loving it.

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