Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hello internet land! an introduction...

Hello! My name is Andy and I am the enigma that is the Hooded birder! Right lets get on with getting the boring intro stuff out of the way..... as previously mentioned my name is Andy and I am in my 25th year on this beautiful planet, in specific my 25th year of living in Leicestershire. Chief interests include the mighty L.C.F.C, the somewhat less mighty LCCC, fishing (diminished somewhat over the last few years due to an increased amount of birding), and birding - the subject of this bloggage. Oh yes, im also a student, Im doing  a course at Northampton uni in Geography and conservation and in the near future hope to start work in the conservation of something. Im not fussy. And despite my interest in birds I have somehow managed to snare a lovely girlfriend named amy....well actually her name isn't amy but lets not get into that.....who.....errrr....lets be nice here.....doesnt share my level of passion in birds......but she's very tolerant of my "disorder" and does have her uses. She knows what a chiffchaff' call sounds like and the other day at Lakenheath fen whilst I was vainly scanning the trees for Golden Oriole she nudged me and asked me what the big bird was that had just erupted from the reedbed....it was a spanking bittern....only my second ever! She was declared a "keeper" on the spot.

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