Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Blog title

I have pondered and debated with myself over many months now whether to start a blog or not and one of the chief questions I asked myself was "well having a blog is all very well and good but what on earth will you call it??" and I must admit the matter had me flummoxed. If I had a dedicated patch (more on that later) I could have named my blog after that place but as the birdwatching destinations within walking distance of my house are all pretty devoid of interesting birds any such blog written about those places wouldnt have any words. Ever. So I had to try to be inventive.

 "Andys bird Blog": too boring, too easy.
"Fuckingwellgoodblogaboutbirds": too many words.
 "Leicestershire and Northampton but with occasional trips elsewhere blog": too long winded, too vague.
"Ifyouthinkleeevansisahalfwitreadthis": slightly too abusive. 
"leicesterllama" :too plaguerised.

The problems were endless. So I settled on a pseudonym or alter-ego type arrangement, and due to my habit of wearing a battered old hoodie whenever I go birding (similarly I could have settled on the "hatted" birder, but that sounded ridiculous frankly.) the chosen name stuck.

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