Tuesday, 9 April 2013

First of three! Table images!

Hello all, this will be the first of three posts summing up this winters antics in a photographic manner. What I mean is up until now I'd been too lazy to process and upload all of the images I've taken this winter but I've just had a massive sort-out and can finally get some published!

As already indicated this is the first part of three, starting with some photos from the feeding station I've set up in our workyard. Apologies for the quality of some of the images but all have been shot through a dirty/steamy/wet caravan window!

Feeding table Mk1 - with two Jay on it!

Feeding table Mk2 - feeder addition

Feeding table Mk3 - triple feeders! - note the 8 Reed Bunts on the table!

Long awaited table-tick for me - Marsh Tit!



Meet the Dirty Blue Tit - he/she enjoys venturing down one of our tractors exhaust pipes!

Coal Tit


Particularly resplendant Blue Tit



Reed Bunt
 In recent weeks the table list has gone past 20, with Long Tailed Tit and Greater-spotted Woodpecker being the latest species to fall for the charms of my table!

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