Tuesday, 9 April 2013

#2 - Work!

Work has continued despite the intensely cold weather conditions over the last few months, I struggle to remember the last work day where I wasn't so swathed in layers that I resembled the Michelin Man. That being said, its still been jolly good fun; I've learnt to hedge-lay and much of my time recently has been spent constructing the new Bittern Hide on Lagoon 3. The build has been made possible by a generous donation and stands more-or-less on the site of the old Plover Hide overlooking the Northwest corner of Lagoon 3. The hide isn't quite ready to be opened to the public yet but it shouldn't be long now before it is fully operational!

P.s. No one need get any bright ideas about being the first person to see a Bittern from Bittern hide....cos it was me! I saw two flying down the reedbed when I was supposed to be busy attaching roofing felt :D

Winterscape #1





Hedgelaying on Lax Hill in sub-zero temps

Hooded Birder building hide frames

Laying the foundations

Channel, pool and radiations dug for the new hide, area of cut reeds on left.

1/3 of new hide in-situ.

Getting busy with roof beams

Finished hide - pre-roof

Roof goes on in the snow

Working at Rutland also means that un-forseeable jobs crop up from time to time. Such as;

Dealing with an injured Tawny

Or retrieving a rogue-pig from the Hambleton Road

But over the last couple of weeks signs of spring have forced their way through, signalling a return to normality after this bitterly cold spell;

And Ozzas!

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