Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Robin and a female Chaffinch

I woke up this morning and discovered freezing temperatures but lots of sun - "why did I go out photographing yesterday when I could've gone today instead", I thought. After sulking for a while I decided to hell with it and went out again anyway! And the destination? Same as yesterday! The hoped for sunnyness wasn't in evidence when I got to the site though as in my wisdom I hadn't realised the woodland setting would remove all helpful sunlight anyway and light levels were about the same as yesterday.
I took silly amounts of photos in the end and in an effort to avoid posting an unreasonable amount of images now I'm going to post them by species over the next few days/weeks to help pad out the bloggage when I haven't got anything else interesting to post about!

So today I'm starting with a dual species post, the humble Robin and Chaffinch. Enjoy.


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