Sunday, 12 February 2012

Little 'un

For those of you who looked out into Leicestershire this afternoon you would have seen that it was generally a bit grot; dull, foggy, rainy - a trivector of unpleasantness. So what did I do? Went out to try and photograph some owls of course!
In the end I was glad I did as I managed my first Little Owl images with the new camera! They are nothing to write home about due to the unhelpful weather but I've been struggling for sightings of Little Owl so far this year so just to see one was nice.

Aside from the Owl, yesterday saw an unprecedented three Buzzards soaring above the house - a new record amount seen at once, absolutely smashing the previous record of one!

The recent cold weather has also pushed more thrushes into the garden, the Blackbirds being joined by more and more Fieldfares (up to about 12), Redwings (up to 6 at once), Song Thrushes (2) and Mistle Thrushes (2). I've been experimenting with a bodged hide of sorts to try and get close to the birds for photography purposes (more on that later!) but with mixed results so far, the best I managed was through the patio window yesterday;

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