Monday, 10 October 2011

Spot the owl breadbins*

Whilst I waste time before my dentist appointment (toothache sucks) a game of Spot the Owl is in order! This one I must admit is a tad harder than usual but should still be relatively simple for you hardened birders to find!

On a side note it seems blogger didn't like my post from yesterday and has refused to acknowledge it on anyone elses blog roll...........blogger I hate you .........I don't really, blogger gave me the stats page and for that I am eternally thankful!

And as I've been sat typing this post look what turned up on the feeders!

Male Pecker!
Hopefully this will appear on blog rolls so the vial of smallpox I sent to blogger HQ will be made redundant............

EDIT: its all fucking go in the garden today! After yesterdays complaint a Coal Tit showed up but now standby for the best photo of a Goldcrest ever!
Ready? Holding on? Arms and legs inside the vehicle? Clean change of pants? Good, we may begin....

Garden rare bush - its unrelenting

DOUBLE EDIT: Managed a slightly better photo of the crest. Enjoy

*Breadbin - a play on the word bretheren. coz im down with street slang cha know

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