Monday, 17 October 2011

Got there in the End!

Allah, Vishnu and Megatron all combined to great affect over the past few days and kept the White Rumped Sandpiper at Rutland until this afternoon when I was finally free to go and see the little beastie. So after uni finished 15 mins early today I promptly legged it over to Rutland......actually I didnt, still couldn't resist checking a couple of SEO sites en-route in the hope of my first sighting this year (all of last winters sightings were before the new year, that mega cold snap pushed them out of these parts). So first stop was in Maidwell at a farm I've forgotten the name of where no Owls were seen but decent numbers of Yellowhammer were in evidence along with two decent sized flocks (perhaps 60 birds) of Redwing moving overhead.
Didn't linger here due to the appointment with the Sandpiper at Rutland but couldn't resist pulling over at the Memorial lay-by at Harrington Airfield in the hope of a shortie. Not to be. Also if I'd have bothered to check the Northants news page I'd have been informed that there was a Great Grey Shrike present. And a Hen Harrier. But I knew none of this. So off I went to Rutland where thankfully the bird was showing immediately as I entered the hide (which only had 3 people in it, much better than the reported masses from yesterday!)
and was actually rather close. See.....

best photo of rare ever.

I of course attempted a few phonescoped pics, here's a selection of "not completely terrible" images:





Myself and another fine gentleman in the hide then proceeded to try and pick out the American Wigeon amongst the masses of other duckies but no dice.
Leaving Rutland soon after I stopped off for a lookie at Great Easton in the continued hope of a SEO but again drew a was rather quite windy today and I wonder whether that put pay to my chances. Even my two best Little Owl sites failed to produce, whats going on!!?
But, at least we know what Hooded Birder is going to be doing tomorrow........Shrike hunting! In the attempt of getting 3 lifers in as many days!


  1. Thats the one! I had it in my head as "Bluebell" but knew that wasn't right!

  2. Hey I've got loads of things in my head and most of them aren't right!!!!!