Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Owling 21st September

I headed out for an owl mid-afternoon today after becoming bored with sitting around in my underwear, eating Weetos straight out of the box and shooting infidels on Black ops. I also headed out because I reasoned that if I headed out earlier I would have better light and be able to obtain better images of the owls. Which worked. Sort of. It would have been a perfect scheme had it not been for the light being in the wrong place or for the inconvenient hedgerows that kept getting in the way. See:

this would have probably been my best LO image to date had it not been for the damned sun!

Im not one to normally complain about my camera - its part and parcel of using a camera phone for images, you just expect disappointment but today it was cocking about big time. Normally the autofocus thingy will pull a decent image out of the bag - perhaps 1 out of 3 attempts but today it was just not playing ball! Here's two examples of decent images ruined by the lack of focus!

In fact, the only decent photos that wernt scuppered by light or bush issues involved owls that weren't playing ball!

This (and the first image in the post) is the first image(s) from this site! 

yes, I can't get enough of this chap.

So in total 3 sites produced 6 Little Owl (4 at one, singles at two others) tonight but there was no sign of that damned Tawny that I've been playing cat and mouse with recently.....I'd devised a cunning photographic set-up aswell that would hopefully not flush the little bugger this time too!

And of course there was always time to take a photographic rival to Paul's "blob in the distance" image:

im a world leader at this.


  1. The images are getting better & worse mate! Thats what I like, a bit of inconsistancy to keep us guessing!

    I'm stumped on the whereabouts/site of the 1st & 5th images........come on give us a clue???

    PS I see my bitchy comment worked then! ha ha.

  2. Gotta love those owls peeking over the tree stumps. So much expression in their eyes!