Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Leave it out Australia

Thanks to my new best friend the stats page i've just discovered that this blog was viewed by someone who had typed "these shirts were tested on animals" into a well known search engine. This travesty has certainly occurred within the last 24 hours and coincides with my first ever page view from Australia. So putting two and two together like a paranoid mentalist I have concluded that It was some Castlemaine XXXX (cos they don't actually drink Fosters in Australia ya know) fueled activist nut who clearly viewed this page in the hope of a hooded reprobate testing his hooded wares on poor, defenceless avian creatures.

Evidence of me rubbing a Lesser Scaup furiously against the fabric of a hoodie to test durability is something you'd want to see isn't it Mathilda, ISN'T IT?

You'd like to see photo's of me stuffing a couple of Golden Oriole into a hoodie and then swinging it around and around shouting "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" wouldn't you Shane, WOULDN'T YOU?

Your so upset about Australia being a load of duffers at cricket that you are trying to frame me by doctoring photos indicating that I'm trying to raise several illegal Eagle Owl fledglings in my pouch aren't you Brett, AREN'T YOU?

Well you won't find any of that here Skippy, so you can piss off!

On a completely unrelated note if the person who visited my site from the land of OZ isn't a raving lunatic feel free to visit again and I promise to take a dig at New Zealand for you if/when someone reads this from that country!

Edit: And am I the only one vaguely amused by the fact that there is a bloke called Lars Bender playing for Leverkusen against Chelsea tonight!?


  1. The best search terms on my blog at the moment are: Bertolt Brecht (fame at last John!), emptying wellies (eh?), moths with smiley face, and my favourite: Slaty-backed Gull ID, which comes up in third place if you Google it! Hahaha. I hope they found my contribution useful.

    Search terms do throw up some really strange stuff though - one on my blog at the moment is 'send missed call on 20:50'. If you Google it, you can see why that leads to one of my posts, but why the fuck was someone searching for that meaningless phrase in the first place?

  2. Even better - I just looked on the monthly stats, and one of the search terms was 'bellringers code of conduct'. Again, I hope they found my post on the subject useful....