Sunday, 2 February 2014

Green Sandpiper

I headed out this morning on the look for some Little Owls, hoping that they would be taking advantage of the sunny conditions and be easy to spot. In the end I checked several regular sites and only found one bird and didn't bother photographing it as the resulting image would have been an exact replica of my last posted image.
The surprise was finding a Green Sandpiper near Pickwell on the way home. The bird was feeding around a small section  of flooded field that is always very wet but I'd never seen a wader there before. If anyone is interested it was about 1 mile north east of the village along Stygate Lane, close to Melton Meats, in the field with the wind turbine. As I could stay in the car and shoot from there, the bird did not spook and was quite obliging.

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