Sunday, 9 December 2012

Quick summary

I've been feasting my eyes (and camera lens) on Waxwings over the past few days so before I treat you to a deluge of Waxwing images I'd better post a summary of the last few weeks else I never will!

In more recent news I passed my chainsaw assessment so now I'm fully qualified to go and chop down small trees in a professional manner, it feels good!

The winter work programme is well under way now which has involved lots and lots of woodland work over the past few weeks.

We've also introduced rams into our flocks of sheep, this fellow is called Herby!

Led the odd guided walk too;

And of course soaked up the Rutland countryside, this was dawn on the Hambleton Peninsular;

And this was dusk at Great Easton during a particularly unsuccessful Owl-hunt; 
One Owl hunt that fared better was last weekend where I found this chap near Willoughby;
Along with this bird near Gilmorton which was being bothered by a crow;
And finally, it would be rude to not mention the three county ticks I've managed over the past couple of weeks, each tick accompanied by a dodgy photo;


Velvet Scoter!

And finally, a Bittern!

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