Thursday, 29 November 2012

Quick one..

Sorry I've been a touch absent on here recently, a combination of sheer laziness, lack of new images and issues concerning photo upload space is probably the best explanation!
I imagine I'll get everything resolved within the next few days so expect an enormous post summing up the last few weeks in the near future.

In very recent news there was a Hawfinch showing shockingly well in Egleton carpark for long periods today, I chanced upon it at around 1.30pm after dropping off four visitors at the visitors centre who had managed to get stuck inside the new 360 hide, quite an achievement! I was returning back towards the new lagoons when I noticed a small crowd of people in the carpark staring intently towards the toilet obviously I took a short detour to join them and soon afterwards (via a generous lend of a pair of binoculars) Hawfinch was on the county list. Smashing!
I got a couple of truly terrible shots of the beast on my phone but I'm sure someone will have scored some great shots of it today, shame it wasn't me!


  1. I see a certain brand of phones that have an apple on them are now doing a zoom lense for their phones that you can attach and deattach, saw it in Gadget magazine, comes with a lovely little (I mean little) tripod.

  2. might have to invest in one of those if they do 'em for the galaxy series...