Thursday, 13 September 2012

There are some days when I love my career choice...

Take today for example where I was tasked with sweeping/de-spidering/fixing all of the hides on the Egleton reserve. So, my day consisted of visiting 20+ would have been rude to not have a casual peek at what was around wouldn't it??
As a result much more stuff was seen today than during normal working days at Rutland - it seems odd to say but working at Rutland really doesn't mean you get to spend most of your day birding; most days involve working away from the hides and any birds you might see are only those that happen to call in/fly past the area you are working in.

So today I'm pleased to report 7 Dunlin on Lagoon 4 along with a similar number of Ringed Plover (including one that only had one leg), four Ruff, a single Golden Plover (first here for me this Autumn), two Green Sandpiper on the new Lagoons (one each on 5 & 7) along with the Black-necked Grebe seen from the workyard on the North Arm this afternoon. A splendid drake Mandarin was also on show in the same area. A Marsh Harrier was also over Lax Hill earlier on in the afternoon, becoming a regular sight here! No photos today though I'm afraid, the fancypants camera tends to stay at home when I'm working because I'll only go and break it otherwise! No scope either so little chance of some phone-scoped monstrosities like the old days!

On a sidenote a quest this evening to see the Cattle Egret at Kelham Bridge was abandoned due to the fact that it had been identified as a likely escapee. And I'll be damned if im county ticking an escapee, especially not with a species that has previously been declared as a nemesis (see here).

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