Wednesday, 28 December 2011

new camera #2

Ginger santa (sister) obviously has more money than sense as she splurged a few hundred beans on a new camera for her dear brother and today was the day that I finally found enough time to get out and about and see what it could do....its only got a couple of baby lenses with it so im not expecting the world but as something to help me figure out the basics of bird photography this should work quite nicely. So, off I headed today to find some owls to point the camera at. For those who were out in the midlands area today you will know for the most part it was a glorious sunny day with loads of lovely lovely light to illuminate the owly goodness - the downside was the wind! By heck it were windy today! And that put the owls off. Out of the 15+ visits I've made to the site this winter today was the worst in terms of numbers of owls seen, the range at which they were seen from and the duration they spent in view. So all in all a pretty poor day really although I still saw 5, maybe 6 Short Eared Owls though which on face value sounds pretty good......


  1. I was down the other end with 2 mates this afternoon, 3 bloody hours and not a feather in site! I reckon I must of been 5/600 hundred yards from you so how the feck did you get me in your third image?? (In the hedge on the left!) Bloody good camera and technique there mate!

  2. Are you in the image!!? I wondered whether I saw you leaving just as I was walking back, I was parked down by where you were but quickly changed plans, didnt fancy standing with the crowd of camo-clad fools who were ruining any benefits of such garments by standing next to their enormous,shiny and generally uncamoflagued cars and talking loudly. The birds were up around the farm/hill when they showed today. One bloke had come from Shropshire to get a good image so I sent him down to your end as thats where is normally best....he returned empty handed....poor bloke!