Thursday, 17 November 2011

Distractions but a patch tick!

Apologies for the lack of recent posts but in my defence I haven't been out birding much in the past fortnight due to a number of reasons. Such as sorting out tedious car related issues, working on my dissertation and generally being rather busy. But who am I kidding, the main reason for the lack of birding has been the recent release of computer gamery from two of my all time favourite franchises - The Call of Duty series and the legendary Football Manager.
So little birding has been achieved in the last fortnight so what have I done? Leicester City qualified for the Europa League after four seasons of hard graft and I have a KDR (kills to deaths ratio) of 1.48 on COD and have just prestiged for the first time. Im not sure why im even writing those words on a bird blog.......

Hooded birder went birding! Ok it was only a quick jaunt down to Jubilee but after this recent influx of Whitefronts to the UK, the enormous feral goose flock that haunts the floodplains of Jubilee Park were certainly worth a look over incase a couple of bonafide wild geese had attached themselves to the happy throng. They hadn't. There was this though......

100% wild Snow Goose - please note tactic of shooting through reeds for enhanced appearance of wild and rare.
And please note further the use of a poor camera so the nice shiny ring on its leg isn't noticeable.

This however was certainly wild enough to be allowed and was definitely a patch tick! Hooded birder wins.

unrEGRETtable. poor I know.....

The wilds of Jubilee Park also threw up single Grey Wagtail, Reed Bunting and 5 Wigeon on the pool, a flock of around 12 Linnet were knocking around and there was a couple of Common Gulls in with the BH gulls. Flyover Sparrowhawk and Buzzard were also seen and I've resolved to visit the place more often. It is afterall less than a mile away and certainly has potential to throw up decent birds. Whether it will or not however is another matter.


  1. Never mind using the word 'prestiged' on a bird blog - I think you should be shot for using it anywhere!

  2. I think you mean he should be fragged Andy ...

    Bloody hell - didn't know Football Manager was still going. I used to play Championship Manager 2 on the PC in c1995 (before I got engrossed with Quake and Carmageddon a year or so later).

    XBox or PS3?

    Little Egret and shit goose is more than I've seen lately.

  3. No you can never be de-fragged. you die, press square to respawn and then continue on your merry way!

    I remember Carmageddon, that game was ace - funnily enough I've heard a modern version of Destruction derby is in the pipeline for release.

    And im a PS3 man, sony lured me in and groomed me into using their controller on the PS1 when I was an impressionable child and I just cant get used to the xbox controllers so Playstation I will stay!